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Hi, my name is Alejandra Castro, but my friends call me Alex. I’ve always been interested in art, whether that be painting on a canvas, creating videos for my youtube channel or photography. I love everything and anything creative, so much so that I will sometimes get distracted by something I’ve just learned.

I actually graduated college with a B.S. in Biology. It was a tough degree to get and took me a minute to graduate, but I’m proud to say I did. One of the best things I learned from earning my degree in Biology is paying attention to detail and data and it’s something I definitely apply to my design business.

While I believe your brand should look aesthetically pleasing and have that wow factor to reel your audience in; the DETAILS and INFORMATION of and from your audience will make your brand not only beautiful, but IMPACTFUL.

I’m so excited that you’re here and I can’t wait to work with all you awesome FEMPRENEURS.

- Alex

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